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About Us - Lori Milner

About Us

LORI MILNER is the engaging facilitator, thought leader and mentor known for her insightful approach to being a modern corporate woman. Her brainchild, the successful initiative Beyond the Dress, is the embodiment of her passion to empower women.

There is a gap that needed to be filled when it came to acknowledging the ever-changing role, lifestyle and challenges of the modern woman and her multiple roles: “The Professional”, “The Individual”, “The Home-Maker” or “The Wife”. We, at Beyond the Dress, understand how personal and professional roles are no longer interchangeable and that a well-balanced woman is a better employee, boss, spouse and caregiver. With this in mind, Beyond the Dress aims to facilitate your company’s connection to your female employees through tailored programs that address the unique challenges and needs facing this new modern corporate woman.We have a reputation for amazing content. Our unique network of thought leaders and subject matter experts will tailor depth and breadth programs that provide practical tips and advice as well as how to implement this into their daily lives.Employee wellness is a complex undertaking. Beyond the Dress is a full service agency that will guide you through tailoring your employee’s experience.

Why the focus on women?

Companies that have provided more leadership opportunities for women have benefited greatly in measures of organizational effectiveness. In fact, according to McKinsey and Company research, “It is estimated that companies with three or more women in senior management positions, perform higher in all dimensions of organisational effectiveness.” In short, women’s economic equality is good for business, and empowering the women who are committed to your organization will be good for your bottom line.

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