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Training & Speaking

Training & Speaking

LORI MILNER is the engaging facilitator, thought leader and mentor known for her insightful approach to being a modern corporate woman. The successful initiative Beyond the Dress, is the embodiment of her passion to empower women.

Each program can be customised and tailored to your industry, your organisation and your employee needs. The objective is to develop, motivate, and inspire your most valuable asset, your employees to maximise their personal potential and deliver greater productivity.The following modules can be customised as keynotes or half day training workshops:

Client testimonials:


“We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service we received from you during the Graduate Programme. You were an excellent facilitator and I don’t think this programme would have been as successful without you. You have excellent work ethics and very commitment. The graduates enjoyed the training immensely.”
– Nivesh Lutchman – Learning and Talent Development Siemens South Africa

Brescia House

“Lori was able to keep a crowd of 230 guests fully engaged throughout her presentation, she provided us with many ‘light bulb’ moments and take home insights that resonated with our audience. Thank you for these little pieces of gems Lori, your gift (expertise) was our absolute pleasure to accept!”
– Alison Blair, Foundation Manager, Brescia House

University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg’s Library was honoured to host Lori Milner on her book “Own your Space”. Lori’s presentation was absolutely breath-taking, that we decided to host her again at our Wellness Day. Our staff and students went away with more than they expected. I recommend it for every person who wants to look deeper into themselves and improve on the basics of daily living. Surprisingly, the male students also loved it. Some of the comments from the audience were:

  • “I have learned a lot from the author’s presentation. It is more than a motivation or career guidance. I feel fortunate that I attended the event”.
  • “The author really touched on issues that I personally struggle with and she gave good advice on how to deal with those issues”.

– Reneka Panday, Coordinator: Special Projects, UJ Library

Styling Concepts

“Stepping into Lori’s boardroom, you learn that this is a safe haven. Throughout our team session, you could feel the layers slowly being peeled away one by one. Not only for our team but also for each individual. We learnt slowly that it is important for each one of us to appreciate who we are and what we do, we are after all the foundation of our company, and if we are off center, so will the work be that we produce. We are each our own brand and therefore we should build one we are proud of, equipped with great tips from Lori. We were reminded of the BLO’s (ps if you don’t know what BLO’s are, BUY HER BOOK) that we always tend to forget about. What a wonderful way to not only get to know our team, but also to get to know ourselves.”
– Dan, Account Manager at Styling Concepts

Get It Magazines

“Thank you for the session you gave at our conference, I had the most lovely, positive feedback afterwards. Everyone enjoyed so much, so huge thanks.”
– Kym Argo, National Group Editor, Get It Magazines

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