The Toolkit for the Modern Woman


Beyond the Dress has worked with South Africa’s leading corporates and empowered hundreds of women with valuable insight on how to bridge the gap between work and personal life. Clients include FNB, Siemens, Massmart, Alexander Forbes and Life Healthcare, Unilever, EY, SAB.

Beyond the Dress Clients


Employee testimonials

Through various workshops held across the country, BTD has empowered hundreds of women. Below are the verbatim testimonials from our employees:

“Loved feeling special, thank you for focusing on what is really important”
“The power women is so often overlooked. I'm going to follow my dreams and make it a reality!”
“Thank you for reminding us about who we really are as women”
“I learned about the importance of valuing oneself”
“Very positive and encouraging words that were very empowering”
"Loved feeling special, thank you for focusing on what is really important"
"This is a great initiative for empowering women"
"Thank you for this event, it is life changing. Much appreciated"

Client testimonials:

"Thank you so much for the excellent presentation that you did for our team.
I think too often people do not think of the value and importance of their personal branding.
We work so diligently on our product/ company brands, investing significant time, effort and funds into them and yet all too often we forget about ourselves.

People are the most important assets of any organisation and individual branding is so important.
The team really enjoyed your insights into this thought provoking topic and really enjoyed the investment in themselves.
Personal branding is so much more that your appearance, physical presence & communication.
It was interesting working on our personal value propositions.
I know the team really benefited from the time that we spent together and enjoyed taking the time to understand themselves a little better.

Thank you so much, it was fun, interactive and enlightening."
- Angela Russell - General Manager Abbott Nutrition


"We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service we received from you during the Graduate Programme. You were an excellent facilitator and I don’t think this programme would have been as successful without you. You have excellent work ethics and very commitment. The graduates enjoyed the training immensely."
- Nivesh Lutchman - Learning and Talent Development Siemens South Africa

Brescia House

"Lori was able to keep a crowd of 230 guests fully engaged throughout her presentation, she provided us with many ‘light bulb’ moments and take home insights that resonated with our audience. Thank you for these little pieces of gems Lori, your gift (expertise) was our absolute pleasure to accept!"
- Alison Blair, Foundation Manager, Brescia House

University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg’s Library was honoured to host Lori Milner on her book “Own your Space”. Lori’s presentation was absolutely breath-taking, that we decided to host her again at our Wellness Day. Our staff and students went away with more than they expected. I recommend it for every person who wants to look deeper into themselves and improve on the basics of daily living. Surprisingly, the male students also loved it. Some of the comments from the audience were:

  • “I have learned a lot from the author’s presentation. It is more than a motivation or career guidance. I feel fortunate that I attended the event”.
  • “The author really touched on issues that I personally struggle with and she gave good advice on how to deal with those issues”.

- Reneka Panday, Coordinator: Special Projects ,UJ Library

Styling Concepts

“Stepping into Lori’s boardroom, you learn that this is a safe haven. Throughout our team session, you could feel the layers slowly being peeled away one by one. Not only for our team but also for each individual. We learnt slowly that it is important for each one of us to appreciate who we are and what we do, we are after all the foundation of our company, and if we are off center, so will the work be that we produce. We are each our own brand and therefore we should build one we are proud of, equipped with great tips from Lori. We were reminded of the BLO’s (ps if you don’t know what BLO’s are, BUY HER BOOK) that we always tend to forget about. What a wonderful way to not only get to know our team, but also to get to know ourselves.”
- Dan, Account Manager at Styling Concepts

Get It Magazines

“Thank you for the session you gave at our conference, I had the most lovely, positive feedback afterwards. Everyone enjoyed so much, so huge thanks.”
- Kym Argo, National Group Editor, Get It Magazines


“Lori Milner from ‘Beyond the Dress’ did a fantastic job of putting together a programme which brought together industry experts who addressed women taking control of their personal finances and skin care at our annual Women’s day event. 150 ladies attended this event and rated the event as highly informative and enjoyable. The event was well organized and had a good combination of interesting speakers and also offered a great networking opportunity for the women in attendance.
Lori was excellent to work with and made our event a highly successful one through her professionalism, expertise and experience. I appreciated that Lori involves the client throughout the entire planning process for an event. Lori is extremely knowledgeable, very detail oriented and went the extra mile to ensure that our event was a success. We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication she brings to the table and we look forward to working with ‘Beyond the Dress” in the future. I highly recommend “Beyond the Dress” as they provide tailored workshops that address the challenges faced by today’s corporate women.”
- Shaleenah Marie, HR, Siemens South Africa

Alexander Forbes

“We have worked with ‘Beyond the Dress’ to host several events held in celebration of Women’s month. Our experience with Beyond the Dress has been great. Lori and her team are always professional, organized, easy to work with, easily accessible, and were able to improvise when needed. Alexander Forbes considered it a real pleasure working with Beyond the Dress”.
- Butsi Tladi - MD of Alexander Forbes Health

“Beyond the dress is one of the best event companies that I have dealt with thus far, Lori is professional and caters to every need that our company has with regards to the Lifestyle Club. Our Lifestyle Clubs are always flawless and meet our high standards. Lori understood our vision from day one and it is always a great pleasure working with her.”
- Belinda van Rensburg, Trade Marketing Manager, House of Living Brands

Alexander Forbes

“Truly words fail me to express my gratitude on an event that was well executed. The venue, food, speakers and the pampering session were of the highest quality. Today was the first of its kind for Alexander Forbes. I am sure all women learnt a lot and will apply the practical lessons shared. I am humbled and grateful.”
- Hloni Mphahlele , Senior Consultant Health, Alexander Forbes

Life Healthcare

"The programme was definitely beneficial. The presenters were fresh, interesting and contemporary. The presentations definitely was relevant for all the women that attended the sessions. You support and organisation was also timeous, flexible and authentic. Thank you for all your hard work and support in 2014."
- Peggy Naiker, Quality Assurance Manager, Life Healthcare


Massmart recently conducted its first session of its “CEO’s Council of Woman Leaders” for 2015.
“Lori Milner supported us with the conceptualisation of this morning session. Nadia Bilchik was the keynote speaker and was truly great, she was energetic and engaging!. The feedback has been overwhelming, everybody aspires to be part of these amazing sessions at Massmart. Thank you Lori for your professionalism and for working with us on this event, next session is planned for August 2015.”
- Bridget Murphy, Group Learning & Development, Head of Massmart Human Capital